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Anti Sand- Beach Blanket


The Anti Sand- Beach Blanket is an improved appoach to a 'must have' on your beach day out. This portable blanket is used on beaches of all sand types, whilst always remaining comfortable. 

This blanket has hand laid TPU coating which doubles as a waterproof layer, whilst also deterring sand from settling on your blanket. The Anti Sand- Beach Blanket now becomes a sand free zone.

Never worry about your beach blanket flapping in the wind, with our revolutionary 'any grip' pegs! These four pegs allow you to anchor your beach blanket one at a time, to really ease the stress of setting up your patch of paradise on the beach! 


  • Sand repellent properties to deter sand - Simple dust off & sand falls away! 
  • Hand held portable when folded away
  • Easy transportation with our storage sack - Included
  • Wind proof up to 25mph with our 'Any Grip' pegs! 
  • Reinforced edges for a long lasting experience

The Anti Sand- Beach Blanket really puts your comfort first. Create your region of heaven on the beach with the knowledge that your blanket is safely secured. Dipping in the water? No problem! Come back to the sand free 'promised land' and relax! 

Say 'goodbye' to sandy backs and bums, and say 'hello' to bathing in a sand free area. 

Large: 2m x 2.1m
Medium : 2m x 1.4m