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Slim Now Waist Shaper™


Slim Now Waist Shaper ™ has revolutionised the weight loss world. Left behind are the days where starving diets and sweaty workouts were the ONLY way to achieve a healthy looking figure. 

The Slim Now Waist Shaper allows you to constantly shape your waist whilst going about your busy day. With adjustable clasps covered by an already concealed zip nobody will be able to tell you are wearing the Slim Now Waist Shaper ™. 


  • Less sweating due to breathable fabric
  • Multiple hook and clasps which keep your shape supported
  • Move around easily all day AND night and the Slim Now Waist Shaper will stay in it's place
  • Shoulder straps, which assist in pushing breasts up whilst not pushing the shaper down.
  • Concealed designed zip so you can wear a tight fit tank top and your secret remains hidden
  • Used in postpartum recovery to assist with excessive skin
  • Perfect to use in conjunction with a workout (though not required)
  • Machine washable

Our Slim Now Waist Shaper ™ not only allows you to shed pounds with ease, it will also allow you to sculpture your physique to a healthier looking shape.

Say goodbye to intense workouts and a strict salad diet, and say hello to a more easier way of looking and feeling good! 

Sizing Guide Below:

(Please allow for a discrepancy of 1- 3CM in sizing)