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High Waist i-Vent Compression Leggings™

Dark Grey

The Waist Ventor Leggings are truly revolutionary in fitness attire. Gone are the days where doing a squat involved worrying about showing all of your butt to the gym, and constantly feeling your pants slip down! 

These compression leggings have been specially designed to meet your fitness demands whilst nurturing your comfort levels. Using thick, non see-through materials, these leggings will fulfil your lower gym attire. The Waist Ventor Leggings conveniently allows you to stay cool with our specially designed climate control vents. Over heating during your workout is now a thing of the PAST!


  • Squat proof
  • Climate control ventillation system
  • Non see-through materials (Yes! Even when sweating) 
  • Compresses key area's to shape your figure
  • 2 Unique ventilation systems to keep you cool (Upper and lower leg)
  • No more over heating during workout!
  • Quality, long lasting, durable fabric. 
  • All sizes available (Use sizing chart in image) 
  • Compliant to ALL body shapes

The Waist Ventor Leggings will not only allow you to look and feel good but also is going to allow you to sculpture your waist and legs with minimal effort.

Exposed are the secrets to an 'hour glass' physique, and laid bare the open road to YOUR healthy looking body!