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Easy Bathing Pillow™


Easy Bathing Pillow™ is an improved approach to bath time. The Easy Bathing Pillow saves you time bathing your child whilst increasing your childs safety.

Gone are the days where needing to pre-prepare your LARGE bath tub upstairs meant leaving your child alone for a few moments. Now we bring bath time to the most convenient place in your home. 

Easy Bathing Pillow surround your child in a soft but thick padded foam pillow, which offers comfort and support for your baby! 


  • Never have to worry about bathing your child in the bathroom
  • Easy to wash - Machine washable
  • Unique flower shape completely surrounds child for safety. 
  • Completely wiggle proof! 
  • A fun and convenient bath time experience for parent and child
  • Carefree, non cradle bath times! 
  • 80cm x 80cm (Size may vary by 1-3cm - Hand made)

Using child friendly, plush, completely machine washable materials bath time will bring smiles and giggles to your childs face.

Say goodbye to tricky bath times for you AND your baby and say hello to a happy, simple bathing experience! 

(Please allow for sufficient drying time once washed)